The Guardian's Weekend quiz, take an opportunity to commemorate the 250th anniversary of William Hogarth's death in a recent issue, asking "Which painter had a pet pug called Trump?"

The paper uses one of our quirky pug portraits to illustrate Hogarths penchant for the pooch. As pugs played a pivotal role in his life's work.

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This latest project takes a close up look at our canine companions

and focuses on their faces which are full of character

SOooo....What exactly is a dog's purpose?

Whenever there is a dog around everyone stops what they're doing.

Dogs steal everyone’s attention and we are powerless against their charm and humour.

They make us laugh out loud and long for a dog of our own

Pumpkin has to be one of the funniest Bulldogs I've had in the studio.

She has the most expressive face and in spite of her grumpy appearance is a very happy dog.

Pumpkin and her owner have an unbreakable bond and she fills her with joy

Dogs live in the moment.

They overcome fear with love.

A dog never holds grudges.

They play everyday and jump for joy when they're happy.

A dog accepts life as it comes. Could you imagine an Afghan Hound wishing it had the coat of a Poodle!

They're loyal and dependable and most importantly they love unconditionally.

These are the things that matter the most!

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Life Reimagined, illustrate this article with this cute little image

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Latest work from Gandee Vasan Photography......

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It was a great couple of days shooting in Moscow for Gourmet.

Agency: MacCann Erikson

Art Director: Julia Naydenkova

Producer: Marina Reznik and Ekatrina Strukova

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